About SocioTrans

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What makes SocioTrans special?
Excellent command of language combined with social scientific expertise.

SocioTrans specializes in services related to translating and editing social scientific texts in German and English. The distinctive strength of SocioTrans lies in the combination of an excellent command of language with social scientific expertise, specifically in the areas of sociology, political science, economics, and related fields. Social scientific texts are dealt with based on a profound understanding of the subject matter.

Who is SocioTrans?

SocioTrans was founded 2006 by Stephan Elkins. He is bilingual and as a native speaker of both English and German he is comfortable in either language. He has lived and studied both in the USA and in Germany.

Stephan Elkins studied political science, sociology, and economics at Philipps-University Marburg (Germany) and Syracuse University (New York). From 1992-2005 he was a researcher and lecturer at the Institutes of Sociology at the Universities of Marburg and Jena as well as at the Chair of Environmental Issues in the Social Sciences at the University of Cottbus. In the following years, he regularly taught in English and German as a visiting lecturer at German universities, e.g. at Justus-Liebig University, Giessen.

Stephan Elkins is a member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators and committed to its professional standards.